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I haven't received my username and password!
Your login details are sent in sales confirmation/receipt email to the email address you used when signing up. You must enter a valid email address when you make a purchase to ensure that you'll receive your confirmation/receipt. If you are using a free web mail and you haven't received the email with your login details you may need to check your spam or trash folder to locate the email. If you need help with this, please, contact us or the billing company.
Why doesn't my username/password work?
Please keep in mind that your username and password are CaSe SeNsITIvE and must be entered with the exact capital and lowercase letters received in your sign up email. Make sure you enter or copy and paste them correctly.
How can I change my password?
If you want to have your password changed, please contact our support.
I forgot my username and password!
To have your password emailed to you, please use the form below or contact our support.
Please, enter your username and email address. Your password will be sent to you shortly.

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