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How does billing work on the trial membership I purchased?
Many of our sites allow you to purchase a low cost trial membership that is good for a specified number of days. Trial memberships upgrade automatically to a monthly membership plan unless you cancel within the trial period (the specified number of days from which you purchased the trial). Please, refer to the Terms and conditions of the website (in the footer of the join page) that you joined for further information.
How often will I be charged for your services?
Your account will be charged every 30 days from the day you orginally subscribed. For example, if your account was activated on October, 15, your credit card will be automatically charged again on November, 14. If you cancel your account before that time, the system will not renew your account and it will expire on that date. For example, if you were activated on October, 15 and the cancellation is made on October, 30, your account will expire on November, 14. If you purchased a trial subscription, the 30-days billing cycle begins at the end of the trial unless you cancel within the trial period.
What company will I be billed by?
Your credit card will be discreetly billed by "Epoch.com", "Vendo" or "SegPay.com". If you paid by check you will be billed by WTS.
Will my credit card be billed discreetly?
Yes. Neither the site name, nor anything at all to do with the content of the site will be mentioned on your credit card bills, only the name of the billing company itself.
How do I cancel my membership?
For cancellation instructions, please, go here.
What is included in my membership?
As a full member of our website you get unlimited access to all video and photo content of the entire site, you also get bonus access to all our bonus sites as advertised on the join page of the site you had signed up for. You will also have access to a 'deals' page with discounts for other great sites granted to our members.
Do I have unlimited access with my trial membership?
Trial membership gives access to limited content. Trial members can watch all the video scenes part by part in low quality only to get the idea what full HD videos are about.
I see additional charges on my bill.
When signing up for one of the sites you may have also accepted an offer for a trial membership to other sites. Those subscriptions will need to be cancelled separately within that site or through the billing company. Click here to contact your billing company.
Can I get models real names and/or contact details?
No, absolutely not. Due to security reasons we cannot share private information of girls. This is also their strict request, so, please, respect. However, you can chat with girls in the Members Area.
I want a refund, what should I do?
Refunds can be issued if you are having technical problems which we cannot solve or if you are not using the site (we have logs which show that) or in some other cases.
If you want a refund, contact our support. Refunds must not be requested in your bank but our support or billing support only!

In the event of charge back, our billing processors will investigate the transaction. Falsified chargebacks may add you to the blacklist with the billing processor, which will complicate possibilities of future purchases. Refuting a purchase that you have made is illegal and will result in a sever investigation.
How can I change credit card details or other information on my account?
We are not able to change your credit card details as we do not have access to your personal information. If you need to change your credit card details you can try to contact the billing company or just rejoin the site with a new credit card when your subscription expires.
Unfortunately, your username in the current subscription cannot be changed as well.
I found a bug/broken video/broken photo. Where can I report that?
Please, send a bug report via the feedback form in the sidebar on your right (in the members area). Or send us an email here, please include the URL of the page where the bug was found, so we can fix everything ASAP. We appreciate your help!
I have a question not answered by the FAQ! What do I do?
If you haven't been able to find the information you were looking for, please contact our support.
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